Keli Hemingway, LCSW

Hi, I’m Keli Hemingway (She, Her, Hers), a therapist with twenty-five years of experience.  I’m the mother of two children, the grandmother of three, a lover of the outdoors, and an animal enthusiast.  I’m an empathetic, open-minded, welcoming therapist who accepts you for who you are.  My style is to be respectful and gentle while being honest and direct.  Most therapists never share anything about themselves with their clients.  My approach is different, and if I’ve had a personal experience that may help you to heal, I will briefly share it with you.  My goal is to help you transform and heal. 

Sometimes, clients think that nobody can understand their pain and feel “UNfixable.” My specialty is helping you feel in control of your life, destiny, and emotions.  

Do you want to go deep and get to the root cause of your current problems and transform them?  We can do that.  We can work together to change how distressing memories, feelings, and images are stored in your mind.  We’ll use highly effective therapeutic tools so you can move past the limitations that prevent you from having the life you desire. 

Let’s work together as a team so that we can focus on your specific therapeutic goals. We’ll measure your successes every step to ensure you’re getting the results you want. 

Weekly therapy sessions are as easy as opening your computer from your home or office and logging on for our sessions.

During our first session, you can share with me what’s happening in your life that is distressing and problematic. We’ll talk about your history because all experiences in your life contribute to the person you are today. I will begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle of your life to understand your world and how I can help you the most. Then we’ll talk about your goals and how you want to behave and feel in your life. I’ll ask you if you have a preference for the type of therapeutic modality that we use.

You may be interested in EMDR, advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or Hypnotherapy.  I’m trained in all these techniques because they can be used together to provide you with the best therapeutic results.  They all provide excellent and measurable results.  I know you want to feel better. 

I know you want to feel calm, joyous, and proud of who you are.

My advanced training in CBT, Hypnotherapy, and EMDR  and twenty-five years’ experience means I have the expertise you need and deserve when looking to heal from the troubles that caused you to seek therapy.  But at the end of the day, you want to know you’re working with someone who “gets” what it means to be an adult struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, habits and addictions.

I get it because I intentionally worked in all possible environments to understand all aspects of human suffering.  Some of these environments I’ve worked in include battered woman’s shelters, medical and psychiatric hospitals, prisons, juvenile detention centers, community-based outpatient treatments centers, emergency departments, psychiatric crisis services, and substance abuse/detox centers.  I also get it because I’ve suffered from anxiety and have experienced trauma in my life.  So, when we work together, you won’t just get a trained therapist.  You’ll get someone who truly understands what you’ve been going through.

I am truly a seeker of knowledge and love getting trained in new modalities to help my clients even further.  I constantly attend training and workshops.  I am currently studying polyvagal theory and somatic psychotherapy.  Learning excites me just as much as working with people does.

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Kind words from clients

Testimonials source: mind-diagnositics.org  8/15/2021

"Amazing work. I'm so glad I met Keli, she's offered me so much help and healing in a short time." Written by: J.I.

"Keli does an excellent job at accessing what problems are the root and isn't quick to throw medicine at you for your problems. She views all your issues and offers a variety of solutions to aid you." Written by: W.I.

"Keli was extremely helpful and listened to my concerns and helped me figure out tough choices. I'd recommend her to others who need someone to listen and feel heard. I'm thankful for her." Written by: A.L.

"Keli is very in-tune with my thoughts and feelings and even understands the things I don't say out loud. I truly appreciate that because it is sometimes very hard to even to talk about what I have gone through and still am. That is the type of therapist I was in need of. Having tried therapy before, I knew what I didn't want! She is who I did/do need to begin this journey." Written by: S.C.

I've been working with Keli 3 months and she has helped me improve my own self-confidence and verify some of the internal issues that I was having. Together, we were able to overcome some of the insecurities that I was having about myself and gave me an unbiased opinion on some of the views that I had. She is great to work with and very clear on what she would like to do for you. I would definitely recommend her to anyone what needs help with the self-esteem or confidence! Written by: Anonymous

"Keli helped with intimacy issues. She is very confidential and helpful great advisor in many areas." Written by S.T.

"Keli provided me with professional advice that allowed me to think deeper about my issues. She encouraged me not to shy away from expressing myself so that she can have a better understanding of my problems and to then offer a solution." Written by H.A.

"I love Keli! She is excellent at what she does." Written by: J.O.

"I've been working with Keli for about 3 months now. She's used EMDR, Hypnosis Therapy and talk therapy, and is great at all of them. She's very caring and whip smart—able to understand why you feel or believe things, without judging you, and then give insightful examples of how your model of the way you think the world words is flawed and unhelpful. I'm so grateful to be working with her!" Written by: S.T.

"Really satisfied with the therapy I've gotten with Keli so far, it's been helping me so much. I feel like I'm finally starting to have better control of my mind and feelings and not get so overwhelmed at every little thing. Highly recommend!" Written by: C.A.

"Keli has great professionalism and make her clients feel comfortable which makes it easy to relax and speak freely." Written by: M.A.

"Keli seems to be grasping my issues fairly quickly and has already done a therapy that helped me." Written by: S.T.

"Keli is truly an amazing therapist. Keli is by far the best counselor I've had the pleasure of working with. She is the real deal. I'm blessed to have come across her profile and requested her. The moment I read her profile I knew she is the counselor that is going to hep me immensely. I started with her and I already feel completely comfortable with her. I highly recommend Keli. If you truly are looking for someone who is genuine and eager to help you Keli is it…She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!" Written by: J.E.

"Keli is wonderfully support therapist that is competent, caring and very empathetic. I strongly recommend her." Written by: S.C.

"Keli is great and very easy to talk to. Her hypnosis approach helped me to overcome an issue I have been dealing with for quite some time." Written by: A.L.

"Keli is very kind and takes the time to really listen and understand what's going on. I can tell when we talk that she really does care about my personal success and growth. Truly glad I started meeting with her, it has changed me for the better." Written by: K.A.

"I really can't express enough gratitude to Keli. Thanks to her hypnosis techniques I was able to go back to when I was a small child and resolve the reason, I have been so angry toward my wife and children. Keli's therapy saved my marriage." Written by: M.P.

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    Finally, my therapeutic approach to wellness is very non-judgmental. My goal is not to turn you into the person I think you should be but rather the person you choose to become. My purpose is not to judge you but to help you stop judging yourself harshly. I welcome all gender identities, cultures, and races.