Through therapy, I assist clients find freedom from past pains.

EMDR Therapy, CBT, Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnoanalysis, Mindfulness, IFS Therapy

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Narcissist Abuse, Pain Management...Healing is Possible

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Does any of this sound familiar?

You've tried just about everything to feel better yet you're still feeling trapped and defeated. With the help of therapy with Keli, you'll finally start healing and get your life back on track.


I’ve been fortunate to spend the last 25 years helping incredible individuals overcome challenges to experience a more fulfilling life.  My work with victims of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, child abuse, narcissistic abuse, relationship issues, anxiety, OCD, phobias, and depression, along with a range of other concerns, has shown me how the most profound pain can be healed when it’s given a voice with a caring professional who is also highly skilled in using the most effective change techniques in psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, and hypnoanalysis.

 I’ve worked with people with all kinds of problems from all kinds of backgrounds.  So when we work together, you won’t just get a trained therapist.  You’ll get someone who truly understands what you’ve been going through. 

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

You are enough.  

As we work together on your journey toward wellness, my goal for you is that you’ll get what you need to see things from a different perspective and achieve personal growth and improved interpersonal connections. Some of the benefits may include:

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Trauma & PTSD

The experiences associated with trauma from the past or present make some feel hopeless and like they’ll never have the life they want.  I’m here to tell you that once we work together, you’ll discover that you can have the life you want and deserve.  You will no longer feel overrun by memories, flashbacks, or other negative feelings.  You will no longer feel like you have to lash out at others, withdraw or feel numb.  Did you know that growing up with a consistently angry or critical parent is also traumatic through the young child’s eyes and frequently causes problems for the adult?  I believe that all parents do their best with the skills and internal tools they have at the time.  I use a “no blame” approach to wellness.  Let’s focus on healing and wellness instead of blame.

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Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Anxiety and depression are common problems and can make life feel complicated and unmanageable.  Maybe you have social anxiety or panic attacks.  Perhaps you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed, or you can’t put a smile on your face no matter how hard you try.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and rewarding.  You can feel better.  Let’s work together and use my approach to wellness so we can get to the root cause of your current anxiety and depression and heal it at a deep level.  It’s time to feel relief.   You and I will use therapeutic tools so you can feel calm and relaxed in your body and feel safe and empowered in your mind.  There are many causes of anxiety and depression.  First, we will discover the cause of your anxiety or depression so we can use the most effective interventions to help you feel good.  



Therapy that works because you deserve it.

Let’s connect weekly for highly effective one-on-one therapy, either through video or in-person, and you’ll have a safe place to talk, heal and be yourself. We’ll work together and use proven tools and techniques to help you feel calmer and happier so you can enjoy your life more than ever. I know you’re ready to be the best version of yourself. 

Testimonial Source: 8/15/2021

Kind words from my clients

Keli provided me with professional advice that allowed me to think deeper about my issues. She encouraged me not to shy away from expressing myself so that she can have a better understanding of my problems and to then offer a solution. Written by: H.A.

Keli was extremely helpful and listened to my concerns and helped me figure out tough choices. I'd recommend her to others who need someone to listen and feel heard. I'm thankful for her. Written by: A.L.

Really satisfied with the therapy I've gotten with Keli so far, it's been helping me so much. I feel like I'm finally starting to have better control of my mind and feelings and not get so overwhelmed at every little thing. Highly recommend! Written by: C.A.